People and planet are everything to us.
We want to show you that we walk our talk.

Sustainability is at the centre of everything we do. Sienna leads the way in best practice for nail polish quality, production and formula, and we will keep pushing forward to inspire a sustainable, ethical approach to beauty. Everything starts at the polish. How can we create the best formula? How can we do the best by our planet, and our people?

“We innovate to find effective alternatives.”
neutral nail polish bottles with timber cap by sienna on granite plate and beige sheets on the background

Sienna is 100% vegan and cruelty free with the certifications to prove it. This is core to our product. We will never sell our polish in markets that require animal testing.

Sienna was the first Australian polish to be completely free of Benzophenone -1. Our formula is proudly non-toxic and we are the cleanest nail polish on the market, globally. We were also the first nail polish company to ban the micro-plastic, glitter, from all production.

Our nail polish remover is water based with added soy and vitamin E. It is free of any nasties.

We use 100% renewable energy at our head office and warehouse. We source all power from an ethical company with strong environmental and community credentials.

Our production happens within Australia to keep our carbon footprint low. In fact, most within 100kms of our warehouse.

Packaging is 100% recyclable and we run an in-house recycling program so customers can return their empties.

Printing is 100% local on recycled stock.


Rather than use an unnecessary plastic cap, we use timber. Our signature caps are hand crafted from a local, non-native weed wood. We work to keep local rainforest areas free from this pest and allow native revegetation to flourish in its place.

Recycling Sienna bottles when they are empty is very straightforward. The timber cap can be put straight into your compost bin where it will break down organically. The plastic brush and glass bottle needs to be cleaned with nail polish remover to make sure they are free of any excess residue. Then, simply place the bottles in your recycling. In terms of the brushes, not all recycling centres will accept the brushes, so it’s best to check with your local facility first. If you are in doubt or unable to recycle either the bottles or brushes, please return them to us and we will add them to our in-house recycling program.

Top shot of neutral and purple nail polish glass bottles with timber cap by sienna
dusty pink nail polish hand swatch on fair and Medium Skin tone by sienna

We source all ingredients for Sienna from organisations that are child labour free – and we always will. We invest in our communities by sourcing locally and giving back. Sienna partner with local charities like Future Dreamers and continue to support Rafiki Mwema through an ongoing sponsorship.

Beauty is for everyone.

Our collections are gender-inclusive. Our formula is water permeable and Wudu-friendly, which means it is suitable for people of Muslim faith. No-one gets left behind.


We believe in doing business differently. We want to be a force for good in the world. Our values are important to us. Sienna is very proud to be accredited by the following independent, internationally recognised auditing bodies who verify we meet the high standards we set for ourselves.

B Corporation

Sienna is extremely proud to be a certified B Corporation since May 2019. Certified B Corporations meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose.

certified b corp logo in brown

Safe Cosmetics Australia

(the Toxic-free campaign)

Acting as a consumer voice and third party for brands, SCA is continually campaigning the beauty industry to exclude and restrict potentially harmful chemicals from their products. Safe Cosmetics Australia is calling all brands to provide ingredient transparency and to leave out chemicals that are known to be toxic or associated with triggering allergies and skin irritation. Products certified as Made Safe have been assessed as being without these problematic ingredients.

made safe non toxic certified logo in brown

Australian Made

The Australian Made campaign is designed to inform consumers where products and their ingredients come from. When you purchase Australian Made, you are supporting your local community, building the Australian economy and putting more Australians in jobs. Sienna is manufactured from start to finish in locally in Australia.

australian made logo in brown

Choose Cruelty Free Australia

Choose Cruelty Free is an independent, non-profit organisation based in Australia. They actively campaign to end testing on animals and have in place very strict criteria when assessing companies for accreditation. Products with this logo are certified cruelty free – they have-never and will never test on animals, nor do they pay a third party to do so.

not tested on animals certification logo in brown

Vegan Action


Vegan Action is a non-profit organisation and is one of the oldest and most visited vegan websites in the world. The certified logo ensures products do not contain animal products or by-products and have not been tested on animals. certification logo in brown


(Beauty without Bunnies program)

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) is the largest animal rights organisation in the world. The Beauty without Bunnies program ensures products are never tested on animals.

cruelty free and vegan certification logo in brown
Who we support

We believe in giving back to the community and we want to be helpful. Sienna is committed to giving a platform to charities and organisations doing great work.

Stay tuned for more collaborations… coming soon!

black and white portrait of a young kenyan child from rafiki mwema

Rafiki Mwema

Rafiki Mwema is a non-profit organisation created by two pioneering women, Anne-Marie, from the UK, and Sarah, a local from Lennox Head near Byron Bay. Together they raise money to help young sex abuse survivors from Kenya to live safely and understand their frightening experiences. The situation these young children face is horrific and we want to help in any way we can. As part of this commitment, we donate each month to sponsor a child in their care in Kenya, ‘Elizabeth’. We were able to take our efforts a step further recently, collaborating with Rafiki to create a fundraising three-pack of Sienna polishes, with all profits from the sale of this pack to be donated to Rafiki Mwema.

“I always wanted Sienna to be a beauty brand that gives back. I’m so proud for us to be partnering again with Rafiki Mwema. The kids they love, care and advocate for have gone through so much, it’s just not fair. The work Rafiki does to heal their trauma and keep them safe is so important.”

— Danielle, Sienna Founder and Creative Director


We are so very proud to announce that sales from the (now sold-out) Jamii pack raised $3226.86 in cash plus we donated 25 Jamii packs for them to sell on their website bringing the total donation to $5k for Rafiki Mwema! We are so proud and grateful to all our beautiful customers who really embraced this campaign.

black and white portrait of young woman holding her hands in front of her showing her nail polish by sienna

Future Dreamers

Future Dreamer Girls Club is a safe, uplifting and interactive space for girls and women to be supported. The club offers a range of age-appropriate, specifically designed activities and events to inspire, connect, challenge and celebrate. So far, over they’ve had 4740 girls through the doors of their HQ in Byron Bay.

We worked with Future Dreamers to create a gorgeous limited edition turquoise pearl polish, with all profits going directly to the clubhouse and the programs they run.

We also ran a workshop with the passionate Future Dreamers team and 30 energetic, 11 year old girls at their HQ. You can read more about the fun on our blog, Sienna X Future Dreamers.