Natural Blue Nail Polish

      Browse our range of blue nail polish. From your favourite turquoise to denim blue, chic navy, and all the shades in between.

      Blue is a colour that is often overlooked when it comes to selecting a polish for a mani-pedi but it makes a beautiful addition to any nail polish collection. Versatile and available in every hue, like icy blues, bright turquoise, bold Azure or darker chic navy – there’s a shade to suit every style in our wide range of Australian nail polishes. You’ll achieve perfect coverage with just two to three coats and Sienna’s fast-drying top coat means you’ll get a long-lasting glossy finish to your mani-pedi. Check out our beautiful range of blue nail polish today and find a shade to fall in love with.

      Beautiful blues

      At Sienna, we love a dark blue nail polish, especially when we’re looking for a classic alternative to a neutral mani-pedi. Switch out your pinks and your reds, and make life an adventure with our retro Kombi polish, in a distinctive Azure blue crème for a bold and unique look. This darker shade will give you some edge, while still working with almost everything in your closet. For the neutral blue of our collection, we have our denim blue Juniper polish. A statement polish, without being too bold, this a firm favourite for those ready to get out of their pink comfort zone. If you usually choose a pastel or neutral, this could be the perfect shade for you.

      Ocean blues

      For a fresh, summer style that will have you dreaming of an ocean breeze – look no further than a light blue nail polish. We love the gentle blue of our Wategos polish, inspired by the beachside haven of Wategos Beach in Byron Bay. If you always find yourself reaching for a white polish for your mani, this shade is for you. For a bolder and brighter polish choose one our best-selling shades of all time, the vibrant Breeze – perfect on every skin tone this light blue nail polish screams of warm summer days and will bring a smile to everyone who wears it.

      Gorgeous colours, no nasties

      Sienna nail polish is proudly ethically designed in Australia, certified vegan and cruelty-free, water permeable and breathable. Our organic colour nail polish range is non-toxic and packaged in an environmentally friendly way, with recyclable glass bottles and wooden caps.

      Designed in Australia with sustainability at the centre of everything we do, our Australian vegan nail polish products are driven by ethics and the environment. Every item purchased from Sienna is completely vegan and cruelty-free, and our products are proudly free of cancer-linked Benzophenone-1, microplastic glitters, and nanoparticles. We source our timber locally from woodturners, which helps to keep our carbon footprint low in addition to supporting our local economy.

      Buy blue nail polish online

      You are just a few clicks away from having your very own Sienna nail polish collection delivered straight to your door. With free delivery within Australia for orders over $55, buying blue nail polish online has never been easier.