Ethical beauty brands making a difference

It’s Fashion Revolution week this week, and the amount of traction we have seen from some of our favourite fashion brands has been very exciting. As each year goes by, we can see a huge push from customers reaching out to big brands and demanding answers- and the calls aren’t going unheard. Even the smallest change to the way fashion is produced and consumed can have a major impact both ethically and environmentally.

Beauty brands are also raising their hands and stepping up with their ethical ethos- and there are some particular favourites of ours leading the change.

Edible Beauty

black plastic bottle of facial cosmetic product by edible beauty on white background with green plant

Why we love them

We’ve raved about them before as an ethical beauty brand and we will continue to rave about them! The ethos behind Edible Beauty is second to none, worded simply around the promise, if you wouldn’t put it in your mouth, we won’t put it in our products. The Edible Beauty products are gorgeous, and simple to use, containing and abundance of Australian wildcrafted plants. All the ingredients are consciously selected based on proven therapeutic actions with restorative nutrients to help nourish your skin.

Their ethical commitment

All Edible Beauty Products are vegan and cruelty free. Their packaging is 100% recyclable and sourced from Switzerland. Edible Beauty uses wildcrafted ingredients in their products- this means the plant has been grown in nature without any human intervention, with no commercial farming methods.

Luk Beautifood

four different shade of red lipstick by luk cosmetics

Why we love them

Following the ethos that eating healthy food and feeling good on the inside shows on the outside ethical beauty brand Luk Beautifood have applied their expertise to create beauty products from active foods without synthetic or toxic ingredients. Their makeup is made from ingredients packed with antioxidants to fight free radicals and inflammation that causes your skin to form lines, loose its firmness, breakout or discolour.

Their ethical commitment

The Luk Beautifood holistic approach to beauty is a breath of fresh air compared to the world of synthetic, potentially toxic makeup products that saturate our market. Not only do they preach the ethical living through their amazing products, their blog is a hub of information on ethical practice and living.


Aesop cosmetics wooden shelves and product displayed

Why we love them

If you’ve ever stepped into an Aesop store, you will know exactly why! They are an ethical beauty and body brand like no other, the entire philosophy and ethos of Aesop is something we should all aspire towards and look for when purchasing. Their products are formulated to the highest quality, using only plant-based and laboratory-made ingredients with a proven record of safety and efficacy.

Their ethical commitment

Aesop locations are selected and built to weave themselves into their surroundings, and harmonize with their environment. This thoughtfulness is further developed into their products. It is only in response to client needs and after extensive research, that a new product is launched onto the market, rather than overloading constantly with products and further contributing to consumerism.

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