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You would have noticed a lot of attention in the media this week surrounding Fashion Revolution Week, with many consumers, brands and organisations asking Who Made My Clothes? The game-changing initiative is holding major fashion brands accountable for how they source and manufacture their products. We believe all businesses should be held accountable in the same way, regardless of their products and that’s why we are asking Who Made My Nail Polish? Traceability is crucial in holding businesses accountable, and we believe establishing brand values that encompass these aspects. Not purely for the future of business, but for the future of the world.

Your Beauty Routine Should Feel Good

That’s why we are doing something about changing the current climate in the beauty/cosmetics industry. The Sienna customer is forward thinking, socially aware and environmentally conscious, and rather than just believing what we tell you, it is important to you that we are completely open and transparent about it also. As we have constantly reiterated along our Sienna journey, we started small and have allowed the business to grow organically, to maintain the integrity of the product and our relationships with suppliers, stockists and customers.

Sienna business owner Danielle holding a poster saying i made your polish

Think local, buy local, be local.

In the beginning, we started small… creating, mixing and pouring small batches in our founder’s living room. From there it grew gradually and slowly. We moved into the spare room, then into the double garage and from there the first Sienna employees were hired. We are now based in a beautiful little warehouse in the hinterland of Byron Bay with a team involved in the orders, sales and marketing of the business. As the business has expanded to the point where we are stocked in retailers across Australia, New Zealand, America and dotted around Europe, the demand has grown beyond the point where we can source, mix, batch and pour all the bottles ourselves. We create all our colours, which are then produced in bigger quantities by a local manufacturer.

Traceable production trail

A lot of love and passion goes into that little bottle of nail polish sitting in your bathroom cabinet, but you knew that already. We are committed to being entirely transparent with the processes and production trail leading to the final product. The glass and brushes sourced for our nail polish come from reputable businesses across Europe. Mica is the ingredient used in cosmetics to create the beautiful shimmer, and is mined from hard-to-reach areas. The mica used in our polishes is sourced from the only certified child-labour free factory in the world. Our bottles are also sourced from Europe, to ensure the quality of the glass.

Manufacturing a product entirely in Australia is expensive when compared with production in other countries. Yes, we could manufacture our nail polish off-shore to cut costs, however this was never a consideration. At the forefront of our business values is to create a product that is ethical, sustainable and worthy of the market; producing a product of lesser quality would go against these values. This is reflected in the price of our polish. When purchasing Sienna Byron Bay, it is not just a nail lacquer you invest in, but also a set of values and ethics you are aligning to and supporting.

Building towards a better future

This is only the beginning. Big brands need to be held accountable for their actions. Exploiting employees, children and mother earth is unacceptable. We are answering the question Who Made My Polish? Just like #whomademyclothes Other brands need to do the same.

Who made my polish? We made your polish.


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