The Trailblazer Collection - our 5 eco-friendly nude glitters

different skin tone models wearing the same silk gold dress and wearing crushed crystal nail polish by sienna

“For years I have been dreaming of this trailblazer collection teamed up with this shoot. It was one of the first collections I EVER wanted to do! And here it is; my proudest moment yet. I’ve done this for all of you, for all of us. Let me know what you think!” xx Danielle

5 environmentally-friendly, nude shimmers for 5 different skin tones, all through the rainbow that is us, that is life.

The Trailblazer Collection is for Every Body, Every Mind and Every Soul. For too long there has been a lack of representation in all media so I wanted to work with women that have bodies just like me, my friends, my family and all of you. It’s so important for us to see ourselves.

As you’ve seen we have recently dropped the use of Glitter in our range because of the harmful effects it has on the oceans and our environment, so we wanted to show you it could be done another way. There’s no glitter in this range, though its hard to believe, its actually a crystal! A crushed up crystal rock to give that glittery shine.

We are all so proud of this shoot- created at Studio Tropico in Byron Bay by one of our favourite photographers with our favourite models from all over the world. And with the colours of the world. Nude enough to compliment your skin tone but with enough chunky flecks of gorgeous shimmer to shine when hit by the light.

We want to speak to you- to all of you.

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