The nature of Byron

A little bit of history

Byron Bay is a little beachside town located in the far-north east corner of NSW, Australia. It is a quick 1.5-hour flight from Sydney and just a couple of hours drive south from Brisbane. It’s also home to Sienna.


While the town may have a relatively small population – just under 10,000 people – Byron is well and truly on the radar globally and nearly 2 million visitors every year come from all over the world for the glorious beaches, healthy lifestyle and thriving food scene. Did we mention the coffee?

The Arakwal people have lived in this area for at least 22,000 years and were here for many thousands of years before the arrival of non-Aboriginal people. The history of Europeans in Byron Bay didn’t begin until 1770. Most people would find it shocking to learn that prominent industries back then were logging, abattoirs and whaling – a far cry from the eco-epicentre Byron Bay is today. The town was actually an active sea port until 1963. All that was about to change though.

the pass beach in Byron Bay

The Byron feeling

The town was discovered by surfers during the 60s and with its beautiful bay and beaches, Byron quickly became the ultimate off-the-grid hippy destination. The Aquarius Festival was held in nearby Nimbin in 1973 and with that, the town’s reputation as a happy, hippy alternative town was established. Byron Bay was now synonymous with surf, sun and fun, a reputation that still holds true today. Locals joke Byron Bay is in a little bubble that’s a bit different from the rest of Australia, and it’s true! The main street is full of eco-stores, vegan food and yoga studios, and, also unlike most small surf towns, Byron enjoys all the international influences you would expect to find in a big city, thanks to all the visitors who have fallen in love and decided to stay. It is a real-life piece of paradise that visitors from all over the world come to discover.

The Byron classics

Here’s our little glimpse of Byron; local style.

Surfing The Pass.

The most popular surf spot, the wave here is a perfect place for longboard surfers who come to surf long waves from the point of the bay to the end of the beach. It’s also a good place to learn!

Images: Grace Nail Polish

Coffee at the Road House.

Just a little out of the centre of town, this café is one of the most popular places for locals to grab a coffee, chai or one of the café’s delicious and super fresh dishes made from locally sourced produce.

Images: Nurture Nail Polish

Walking the lighthouse

If you come to Byron Bay, you need to go and see the view from the lighthouse. It’s accessible by car, but if you like walking, there’s a beautiful path along the beach that hugs the headland the whole way.  After your walk, have a swim in Wategos, one of the most beautiful beaches of the area. ‘Walking the Lighthouse’ is one of the most popular activities for locals with many heading up daily for both the exercise and the ‘walk and talk’.

Images: Spirit Nail Polish

Shopping in town

Byron Bay is full of amazing shops where you can buy from some of Byron’s best loved fashion labels and of course, plenty of organic products. It’s the perfect place to wander around and do a bit of shopping for things you won’t find anywhere else. You won’t be able to resist going home with some of Byron’s wildly covetable, Insta-worthy style.

Images: Blossom Nail Polish

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