The Sienna sustainable gift guide

It goes without saying that we are all on board with receiving beautiful, mindful, sustainable gifts that do no harm to people or planet. Here are our top tips for gifting sustainably this year.

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It’s no secret we love a clean beauty gift around here, but there are loads of ways to shop mindfully and sustainably when you’re looking for presents. You could try sourcing gifts from small-batch producers, give your time or an experience. You could even get creative and make something.
We’ve put together a fun guide with beautiful, sustainable gift ideas by personality type.

The Maximalist

You know what they say, a maximalist is outgoing and confident in their own style. They don’t follow the trends – they make the trends! Maximalists love trying new things.

Sustainable gift ideas for The Maximalist

A great sustainable gift idea for The Maximalist in your life could be experiential, rather than material. Try learning a new skill together or gift a shared meal at a restaurant they have been busting to try. Make a special meal to share – the most complex you can find! If you’re thinking a clean beauty gift will make their heart sing, we suggest vivacious nail colours from our collection. A bright fuchsia like Spellvibrant turquoise

homemade fig tart

The Minimalist

You won’t see a minimalist packing for two suitcases with bags of makeup “just in case” for a week-long holiday (see: The Maximalist). The Minimalist is more of a no-fuss type who knows what they like and sticks to it.

Sustainable gift ideas for The Minimalist

Keeping things easy-breezy and streamlined is a way of life for the Minimalist. Why not try gifting an elevated version of a useful item? This way you know your gift is practical and won’t sit in a cupboard gathering dust. Things like hand-milled soap, a citrus press or ceramic keep cup all fall into this category. Minimalists keep their beauty routine pretty minimal too. If you’re looking to gift self-care, something like our Essential duo of core essentials or an everlasting nail file are our top picks.

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The Byron Bae

You don’t need to live in Byron Bay to be a Byron Bae. It’s more a state of mind. The Byron Bae loves green smoothies in a jar after an early morning walk through nature. Bags are raffia baskets, clothes are flowing (they’re easier to throw on over a swimsuit, don’t you know?!). A big night out is a movie screened on a projector in the back garden with some fairy lights, floor cushions and a plant-based menu prepared from the farmer’s market.

Sustainable gift ideas for The Byron Bae

A considered, sustainable gift is just what the Byron Bae is hoping for. We suggest some locally foraged wildflowers, home made vegan marshmallows (there are loads of recipes online) or some locally made candles to bring ambience to those back-garden gatherings. We all know Byron Baes like their beauty glowy and barely there so, if you want to give the gift of clean beauty, try the blissed-out sheer pink of Peace or keep Byron Bay forever close by gifting Wategos, the clear blue water crème named for our most iconic beach.

wildflower bouquet in kraft paper

The Neutralist

You can find neutralists everywhere and they are the very definition of chic. They always look well put together and seem to have no trouble deciding what to wear each morning because the neutralists’ beloved colour spectrum of cream to beige to brown means everything goes with everything else.

Sustainable gift Ideas for the Neutralist

Lush house plants in an artisanal planter are fail-safe options for the neutralist in your life – and you know it will work seamlessly with their favoured colour palette. Or help your giftee give their beauty kit a sustainable makeover and put together a little beauty kit with konjac sponges, vegan make-up brushes, reusable make-up remover wipes and a luxe bar of solid shampoo or conditioner. When it comes to nail polish, Neutralists are among the easiest to shop for. A super-flattering dusty mauve crème like Rosie is a neutral lover’s dream shade and the warm clay of Calm is another colour she will adore. Of course, there is always the OG, Sienna.

Nude and neutral nail polish glass bottle with timber cap line-up by sienna
ecopanda reusable makeup pads
eco-friendly bamboo thooth brush

Everyone else

If you don’t see your giftee here, never fear. The beauty of gifting sustainably means moving beyond the typical gifting options. You don’t need us to tell you that gifting with a sustainable mindset means thinking not only about how things are made, but what the giftee might actually use or appreciate.

Babysitting coupons for tired parents desperate for a date night will be joyfully received and are the very definition of thoughtful. If you’re looking to gift a man that doesn’t wear polish, how about a shaving subscription to give their shaving routine a plastic-free overhaul? Whether you’re planning ahead or five minutes out from gift o’clock, our first response is: Send a gift card from your favourite local, sustainable business so they can choose exactly what they want. Besides, everyone loves a gift card.

What are your favourite sustainable gifting ideas? Let us know in the comments.

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