Red nail polish is always a good idea

You know we love our earth-inspired neutral and soft pink nail polish around here. But we are also huge fans of a good red polish. We’re not alone. The top ten bestselling nail polishes globally are ALL red. What’s so good about red you ask? Everything.

10 different red nail polish bottles with timber cap by Sienna with baby's breath flower background

More than a feeling

When things are feeling a little bit wild out there in the world, it’s always reassuring to have your nails looking good. When it comes to a red mani, you can magnify that sensation to the power of ten. You cannot beat the feeling you get when you’re rocking a great red nail polish. It is, after all, a classic for a reason. Confidence! Freedom! Rock ‘n’ Roll! Sophisticated! Who’s in charge here? You are!

And there’s a red for every mood, skin tone and situation. Let’s get to know the world’s favourite nail colour.

Classic red

Apple red nail polish is probably the red you think of first. Classic red is the OG when it comes to statement manis and is a strong, stunning red that gives a vivacious, high-impact manicure. Kate Moss reaches for a classic red when she’s doing her nails, and if it’s good enough for an iconic supermodel…

Mid-tone apple red nail polish hand swatch on fair skin tone by sienna

The hip red

Vermilion red-hued nail polish is the hippest red polish of them all. Vermilion red is an intense red with a touch of orange that is beloved by cool kids, the glam squad, and just about anyone else who loves a strong mani. This is a colour that says “Yep, I’m feeling confident.” What skin tones does it suit, you ask? All of them.

Intense vermilion red nail polish hand swatch on dark skin tone by sienna

Earthy red

Red nail polish that gives a nod to the natural world has been the ‘gateway red’ for many a neutral nail lover at Sienna. Earthy, organic red and dusty rosebud red give a gorgeous ‘pop’ of colour while keeping it grounded. This family of reds tend to be universally flattering and versatile enough to wear anywhere and, thanks to the darker undertones, work well all year round.

Organic mid-tone red nail polish hand swatch on fair skin tone by Sienna

Dark red

If you grew up in the 90s, there was only one shade of nail polish worth having, and that shade was dark red. Did it ever go out of style? Never. These wine-toned polishes have always had a dedicated fan-base, but we are happy to report they are also enjoying a major comeback at the moment. Deep merlot creme verging on black and deep magenta plums are a little bit mysterious and more than a little bit chic. As with all Sienna colours, you can see dark reds swatched on different skin tones on our website.

deep red plum nail polish hand swatch on medium skin tone by sienna

Berry red

Red nail polish. But make it subtle. If classic red polish feels too “Whoo-hoo-look-at-me”, cast your eye towards this group of polishes. Red polish with pink undertones reads a little softer for a muted look and feel. We’re talking raspberry reds, plum reds (which we realise isn’t a berry, but is fruity!) and reds with a strong blue-base.

Plum Red Nail Polish hand swatch on medium skin tone by Sienna

Bring the bling red

Shimmering, sparkling red is tipped to be a key nail trend for Spring 2020 and we are so here for it. Actually, we’re here for it all the time. This is a cheering, celebratory nail colour that is perfect for parties, special events, the supermarket, anywhere.

Raspberry red shimmer nail polish hand swatch on dark skin tone by Sienna

We swatch each colour on different skin tones, check our product pages to see more.

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