Nails That Go With Everything? Think Nude

If you’re looking for a classic manicure or a shade that is subtle enough to compliment every outfit without distracting from it, nude tones will never let you down. Subtle colours allow you to transition from one look to the next without cramping your style. While we love matching our nails to our outfits, it can be time-consuming to do so. When you opt for a colour that blends harmoniously with everything, you can concentrate on the more challenging part, like finding an outfit in the first place. Here’s how to embrace nude nail polish and achieve a seriously timeless look that will go with everything you have in your wardrobe.

Why nude?

While nude nails might be everywhere right now, this nail trend is certainly nothing new, after all, the colour nude is a classic for a reason. Think of your favourite pair of nude stilettos; they go with everything you put on, they never require much thought, and they always look elegant. In much the same way, beautifully manicured nude nails bring the same softness and elegance to your fingers.
Nude and neutrals are chill by nature, though that doesn’t mean ditching colour altogether. Choose a nude nail polish with an tone that suits your mood for a uniquely balanced shade. We love colours like Calm and Comfort which will not only match everything you put next to it but will provide you with a warm and organic look that you won’t be able to stop admiring.

Hot tip: If you don’t want to match your nude nail polish to your skin tone, opt for a lighter tone to brighten your hands or a darker tone to make a statement and draw eyes to your nails.

Think pink

If you’re looking for the next best thing to nude, you can’t go past pink. In fact, you’ll find that most nude polishes have some pink in them. The colour pink can range from cherry blossom to bubble gum but to avoid drawing too much attention, choose something soft and sweet that is closer to the nude shades we have spoken about. The beauty of neutrals is blending colour with tranquillity, so hone in on lighter, playful shades. Choose colours like Peony or Serenity to add a gentle feminine flair to your ensemble. These shades are just light enough that they won’t overpower your look yet still strong enough to give you a nice touch of colour.

Upgrade your finish

Nude nails are great for everyday wear thanks to their versatility. If you want to make your nails pop, take them to the next level with these fabulous finishes that provide two different yet equally as beautiful looks to your nails.

Glossy Top Coat

Neutrals may fit every occasion, but you can still put your best foot forward. Upgrade your finish by using a shiny Glossy Top Coat to catch the eye. High gloss has long been the look of choice among celebrities and stars, and if adding a finish like high gloss can make your nails look great, draw a little attention AND add a layer of protection, we understand why.

Matte Top Coat

If you like the relaxed look of a neutral colour palette, you might also enjoy the subtle effect of a Matte Top Coat. Along with its more muted finish, the style offers added protection to your newly painted nails. Choose a matte finish for everyday elegance when full-on gloss is too much.


Final thoughts

Make your life easier with neutral nails that transition seamlessly from one look to the next and give you effortless elegance. Try stylish nudes and neutrals and finishes for nails that fit every occasion, and you won’t turn back.

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