How to recycle and how to upcycle! Everything you need to know

During National Recycling week, it is important for us all to focus our attentions to the daily habits we have when involving recycling. It is simple enough to separate recycling from compost from landfill in the kitchen, but recycling goes beyond food consumption and encompasses every aspect of our lives. Most brands these days explain on their packaging or websites how to accurately dispose and recycle empty products- but if you are unsure don’t automatically think landfill… take a look through the Planet Ark website for more on how to recycle.

We have a lot of empty nail polish bottles…. Being suckers for a fresh mani means that we often find ourselves at the end of the bottle- which can often be confusing when it comes to disposing of the bottle. We have two solutions when it comes to old nail polish bottles- either upcycle or recycle.

Recycling is the simple option- read about how to recycle nail polish in our post from National Recycling Week last year. Upcycling, is our preferred option though! It feels like such a shame to recycle the vintage style bottle when there are so many upcycling alternatives. Turning old bottles into beautiful works of art, gets the creative juices flowing and adds a special touch to the home!

Mini flower vases have got to be the cutest option for upcycling of them all! You can either rinse the bottle with remover for a clear glass look, or let the last remainders of colour air out and dry around the edges for a colourful touch. Stick a magnet on the back for the cutest fridge magnets around or tie along drift wood for a boho wind chime look. The options are endless. We have a little nook in our office that is the perfect spot to sit some of our upcycled creations! Tag us in your photos and show us how you upcycle your empty bottles!

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