Green is the hottest colour right now. Here’s why!

You might have noticed that green is popping up everywhere in the world of fashion and beauty.

From deep emerald through to beautiful blue-green combos adorning everything from clothes to makeup and green nail polish, there are many ways to incorporate this uplifting colour into your look. Let’s take a look at why green is the hottest colour right now and how you can harness those fresh and natural vibes.

green nail polish

The natural antidote to neutral tones

We’ve seen a lot of neutral these past few seasons. While we’re all for a soothing palette of cream and beige, there are times when you just crave something different.

So what could be fresher than a pop of natural green? Available in so many shades from subtle mint through to arresting neon green, you’ll find a shade to flatter and uplift your look with a flash of colour.

Loved by celebrities

Take a quick scroll through Instagram and you’ll see that celebrities far and wide are opting for green as their go-to colour this season.

Check out Kendall Jenner looking sensational in a lime green figure-hugging dress. It’s all about the zesty shade here, which works in harmony with the natural beauty of the backdrop.

For a more relaxed vibe, take a look at this pic posted by Isla Fisher on National Redhead Day. Moss green is the essential shade for you redheads out there, and the lovely Isla manages to look stunning dressed simply in a green sweater and jeans.

Or channel the pure glamour of Gigi Hadid rocking a green metallic shirt and oodles of attitude in this catwalk clip. It tells you all you need to know about why green is the hottest trend in fashion right now.

green with celebrities

A twist on classic style

What we also love about green is that it’s the modern twist on classic style. Swap a tired black jacket for a velvet blazer in luxurious bottle green for a touch of decadence.

Tired of your makeup routine? Step away from boring beige and add a slick of green eyeshadow to draw attention to your best assets. Green suits every eye colour, bringing out hidden depths in brown tones, adding sparkle to blue eyes and creating a full-on effect for anyone blessed with naturally green peepers.

green eyeshadow

Get some green in your life!

If you’re a bit colour-shy, then you can get some green in your life by starting small. Try one green accessory at a time to get a feel of which shade suits you best. It could be an emerald green scarf to add a pop of colour to your outfit or a to-die-for bag in eye-catching lime green.

One of the simplest ways to channel the fresh vibes is to change your nail colour. Check out our range of non-toxic products, embracing the latest in colour trends including green nail polish.

For an earthy shade of green, reach for Wilderness. This khaki shade is perfect if subtlety is your signature, capturing an all-natural vibe.

If you love ultra glam style, then Olivia is the shade for you. An intense olive green, this shade commands attention and is guaranteed to bring out your inner femme fatale!

And if your style is bright and breezy, our aptly named Breeze nail polish is your perfect match. The turquoise hue of this green nail polish looks simply fabulous on any skin shade and will make your nails the epicentre of attention.

The final word on green

We couldn’t finish without mentioning that our unique range of nail polishes is green in every sense of the word. Our plant formulas are certified safe, vegan, halal and cruelty-free. They’re organically derived which means that they work in harmony with nature, not against it.

Even our packaging is environmentally friendly thanks to the recyclable glass bottles and timber caps. Browse our collections to find the perfect shade of planet- and nail-friendly polish to suit your green lifestyle.

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