Put an end to fingernail damage with Nail Strengthener

Do you suffer from weak or easily damaged nails? Maybe you dream of strong, healthy nails that look fantastic just as they are or in the latest polish shades. Don’t despair. Your nail goals are within reach when you include a nail strengthener as part of your self-care routine.

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What damages fingernails?

One of the main causes of damage to fingernails is overuse of harsh nail polishes, gel treatments and acetone-based nail polish remover. For example, the acetone used in products to remove traditional polish and gel manicures is very drying and damaging to the nails — something you will notice if you use them regularly.

Your nails can also be damaged if you tend to pick off your nail polish or gel treatment yourself. The layers of your nails will come away, making them weak and prone to damage.

Washing your hands frequently or spending a lot of time in water can also damage your nails, as they become soft and split easily.

Certain underlying conditions can affect the health of your nails too. These include psoriasis, anaemia, fungal infections and thyroid disease. Medications can also change the strength of your nail bed.

How can a nail strengthener help?

It’s good to know that despite all these threats to nail health, there’s a simple solution to protect your nails and restore their natural beauty.

Incorporate a nail strengthener into your hand and nail care routine and you will soon be rewarded with strong, beautiful nails.

For the natural way to stronger nails, reach for Sienna’s ethically made, vegan and cruelty-free nail strengthener. Instead of toxic ingredients that affect your health, harm your nails and the environment, our formula is based on the natural healing and strengthening powers of:

  • Sugarcane – naturally hydrating and loaded with iron and magnesium, which are great for nail health
  • Cassava – a tropical root vegetable that’s an important source of minerals for cell growth
  • Cotton – another rich source of nourishing minerals
  • Corn – full of B vitamins and minerals that promote healthy nail growth

These powerful plant compounds combine to heal and strengthen your nails the natural way, providing a protective layer to shield them from knocks and damage as well as offering deep-down hydrating nutrition. You can even use our nail strengthener as a base coat to help your polish adhere to your nails, protecting them at the same time!

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How do I apply my sienna nail strengthener?

  1. Remove any nail polish. Wash your hands and nails, and dry thoroughly.
  2. Apply the nail strengthener just as you would nail polish. Brush in a line down the centre of your nail, then one on either side.
  3. Allow to dry, then apply a second coat.
  4. Then apply a single coat on alternate days for a week.
  5. When the week is up, remove with acetone-free nail polish remover and restart the process.

You can also make nails stronger by…

  • Protecting your hands and nails with rubber gloves when washing up and cleaning.
  • Taking a biotin supplement — also known as vitamin B7, biotin can help strengthen your hair and nails. Always check with your naturopath first!
  • Drinking plenty of water to hydrate your nails and keep them healthy.
  • Avoiding nail polishes and treatments containing harsh chemicals.
  • Avoiding gel and acrylic nails, which can cause your natural nails to peel.
  • Keeping your nails on the shorter side will keep them strong.

Shop plant-based and cruelty-free nail strengthener

Healthy, strong nails are within reach. Shop natural, vegan and cruelty-free Sienna nail strengthener as the first step towards the nails you deserve. Free delivery on orders over $100 in Australia and quick delivery makes it super simple to claim those strong and gorgeous nails!

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