What Colours Suit Your Skin Tone?

How will I know what colours suit my skin tone?” is one of our most frequently asked questions at Sienna. And while there are absolutely no rules, there are some shades that will look more flattering than others, depending on your skin tone. This means the colours are well matched to your undertone or provide just the right amount of contrast to make your nails pop. With over 60 gorgeous shades of Sienna to choose from it can be hard to know where to start. So if your nail polish soul mate still eludes you, never fear. We are here to help you choose a polish that will give you both a high-performance manicure and look absolutely dreamy at the same time.

Medium brown skin hand wearing luna nail polish and dark skin hand wearing romance red nail polish

You do you

But as we are fond of saying around here “You do you”. Sometimes you find a nail polish and it’s love. So if you like a fuchsia-hued mani with your corporate workwear, go for it. If you are committed to a dark plum crème in high summer, we won’t stand in your way. In this crazy-busy, fast-paced world we live in, a slick of nail polish in a colour that lifts your spirits can spark a little moment of joy.

The guide

While there are many (so many) trends and ways to choose a colour for your nails, here is the best of the accepted wisdom to choosing a flattering colour for your skin tone.

Dark skin tone

Vivid reds and pinks are your go-to classics, but mauve pink, fiery red-orange, deep purple, blacks, bronze, green, almond, mocha and caramel based neutrals are all going to look terrific. As will bold, bright colours. And even yellow. The world is your nail bar, you lucky thing!

Dark skin tone hand woman wearing Breeze turquiose green non-toxicnail polish

Medium skin tone

If this is you, a wide range of colours are going to be flattering. Choose burgundies, plums and wine tones for a super-chic look. Fruity/coral type shades and pastels like soft white, bubblegum pink and lilac will also look gorgeous. Teal is the best of the blues for you.

Woman with medium brown skin wearing luna whisper white non toxic nail polish

Olive skin tone

If you are an olive-skinned beauty, be guided by tropical colours like orange, hot pink, coral and melon – they will all look amazing. But so will browns, taupes and terracotta if you are after a more subtle look.

olive skin woman with freckles wearing Rosie dusty pink non-toxic nail polish

Fair skin tone

For a classic colour choice, your friends are soft pinks and blue-toned berry colours. Having said that, classic red, and even a bright-vermillion crème look fantastic. Navy and charcoal are great if you are looking for a glam high-impact look with an edge.  A warm clay or a sheer pink are the best options for a neutral look.

Fair skin hand wearing and holding juniper our gery-blue denim non-toxic nail polish by sienna with timebr lid.
If all else fails, look at your best, most flattering lipstick or, even your lips, and choose a shade that is close to that colour. Also think of the most flattering clothes hues that you wear, this can be a great way to ensure your nails complement your wardrobe.

As you can imagine, colour is a hot topic at Sienna HQ and we all have our favourite colours and go-tos. You can imagine how much we have loved putting this guide together for you. Please let us know if there’s any we have missed.

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