Byron Bay sunset and sunrise – local style

Who loves a beautiful sunrise or sunset? Us too. Living in Byron Bay, we are very lucky to have big beautiful skies all year round. Whether it’s the blazing oranges and reds of an Autumn-Winter sunset or the neon pinks and oranges of a Summer sunrise, we are there to take it all in. And we’re not alone. Visitors and locals alike can be seen sitting peacefully and taking a moment to observe the natural rhythms of the sun and the moon. You can do that too now; you’re on Byron time.


The iconic Cape Byron Lighthouse is the most obvious spot to enjoy the sunrise. It’s set at the most Easterly point of Australia so the sunrises are spectacular. The hour before the sun finally peeks over the horizon is beautiful, as the sky lights up with pastel shades of orange, pink and blue. Walk (or drive) up to the lighthouse with plenty of time before sunrise, find a spot to perch yourself and settle back and relax. If it’s a peaceful and calm morning, you can hear the first birdsong of the day and the waves crashing down below.  There is usually quite a crowd up at the lighthouse – even as early as 4.30am – but it’s a gentle crowd, all there for the same thing: to watch the sun come up. It’s a beautiful way to start the day.

Sunrise in Byron Bay


Main Beach in downtown Byron Bay is the hub of sunset activity every evening. It is the perfect spot to go with friends and a picnic blanket, find a patch of grass and chill out. The reflection of the sky onto the ocean is spectacular on both low-cloud or clear days. Park at Clarkes Beach and walk along the boardwalk for an amazing view and photo opportunity. There is an opening in the trees that looks out across Clarkes, down to Main Beach, and you can watch the sun set over the mountains in the distance. Magic.

Sunset in Byron Bay

Byron bay, we love you

Next time you’re visiting set your alarm early for at least one sunrise, and break away from the pub or restaurant one evening to watch the sunset from Main Beach. It will be the best light show you’ll ever see.

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